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My Impact. 

Every opportunity to work with an organisation on a project or campaign should be seen as a chance to deliver longer-lasting change for the better inside the organisation, as well as a fantastic immediate outcome.

In order to give a structure to realising and understanding this process I have developed a unique impact measurement system for my coaching and consultancy work, partially based on research into what digital maturity looks like inside socially impactful organisations, and my own years of experience inside the charity and campaign sectors.


I believe that small to medium sized organisations are at their best when:


  • Seeking improvement across work occurs weekly

  • Ideas and solutions which go beyond previous assumptions are strongly encouraged

  • Keeping up with change in the digital and volunteer management space is seen as a priority

  • The organisation formally sets aside time for innovation

  • Staff and volunteers are excited and confident to use digital platform and tools


From the ideal vision above I created an impact matrix with 5 levels spanning away from the ideal (which you can see below).


Before undertaking any work together I ask an organisation to self-assess where they currently fit in the levels for each (represented by yellow). Then, every three months that we work together, they complete it again.


Below is a real example from a recent client. Although this measurement system is still in its pilot stage, you can see, there was much positive change even within three months.

Self-assessment before undertaking work together (November 2018)

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 15.24.02.png

Self-assessment after 3 months of work together (January 2019)

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 15.30.43.png
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