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My Principles. 


These principles guide how I'll work with you to reach your mission, and how I want to influence our sector as a whole.

Embrace Curiosity.

I think it’s fascinating how changing relatively small factors can influence how and how many people engage with your organisation - and every day is an opportunity to optimise that engagement, through curiosity and testing.


We live in a really exciting time where powerful software and digital platforms give us instant results on most changes we make, and I believe we should be using those insights to innovate our practices in order to grow better and better rather than accepting the status quo.  

Be Better Practice.

We are all role models for the people around us - be they friends, family, colleagues or supporters. I reflect a lot on my own behaviour; working to be the change I want to see in other people, and I really appreciate the chance to work with like-minded clients!


I don’t want to encourage people not to overwork and then be tweeting about how I am grinding away from 9 ‘til 9 every day, or encourage an organisation to have an impact measurement framework without having one myself.

Remove Complications.

Complications are draining for everyone involved, and ultimately get in the way of your wider goals. Certainly we live in a complex world but if something within our own control can be more straightforward, let’s make it more straightforward.


This is one reason why I have fixed prices for my Services, so neither of us have to faff about negotiating and those new to working with freelancers can instantly understand what I am offering.

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